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SERVICES - Payroll

Payroll means more than simply issuing paychecks; it is the important link which establishes trust and credibility between you and your employees. Errors in payroll, or in your company's taxes and reporting, can be costly. Our organization does more than maintain the books, we maintain your trust. 

Reasons to Outsource Your Payroll

Most small businesses do not have a human resource staff to handle the daily needs of administration, policy-setting, payroll, and all the recordkeeping required. Therefore, the business owners find themselves responsible for yet another task, being pulled away from the foundational operations that enabled their business to grow and succeed. These competing tasks and responsibilities often overwhelm even the best managers. Thus, when you are able to focus more creative energy on your core tasks, your business becomes even more profitable.


Specifically, small business owners may save as much as 3 to 5 percent of their payroll expenses by outsourcing the time-consuming, labor-intensive services to LedgerPlus.

Our payroll service was designed and developed by accountants to aid in the management of your business by fulfilling your employee administrative needs.


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