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The LedgerPlus System has solved one of the biggest problems facing American small businesses – how to obtain professional accounting and tax services at an affordable price.

Comprehensive Business Analysis

Our client business analysis and setup is a comprehensive review performed for every client at the beginning of our relationship. This 2-3 hour consultation is critical for both our accountant and for you. We gain an understanding of your business, explain required IRS forms, and discuss general business and tax planning issues. We also provide complete IRS Audit support, including forms and instructions to help you develop an effective and worry-free recordkeeping system for your small business.

Tax Planning Before It's Too Late

Each month you will receive reports to help you more effectively manage your business. Our reports are essential because they focus on the life-blood of small business - cash flow. For the first time, you will understand where your money was earned and where it was disbursed.

But our reports are only one initial benefit. Once your business increases revenue, our organization helps you retain those earnings. We offer professional tax planning throughout the year at no additional cost to help you keep as much of your profit as possible. Waiting until tax time is too late!

Our FREE No Obligation Consultation

Contact us today for your FREE no obligation consultation. As a business owner, you simply cannot afford to pass up the LedgerPlus opportunity.

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